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What I Do

As a stay at home mum, I am constantly thinking of ways to balance mummying and being mummied. By being mummied I mean, still having time to do (and actually doing) the things I am passionate about. In March 2017 when I released my first memoir, I decided to write one book annually and my second memoir is set to be released in March 2018.

As a lifelong learner and student of life, I love creating courses to teach what I have learned. Teaching helps me re-learn what I have learned as life is constantly changing. I have a 3 weeks online course called LIYAH Academy. This course is a beginners guide to becoming aware of life and how they show up in the world. In the course we explore topics like “Beliefs and Reality,” “Thought and beyond thought,” “Ego,” “Body-Mind organism,” “Shadow self,” “Relationships,” “Money,” and a host of others.

I am also a ghost writer. I believe everybody should write at least one book, preferably a memoir. I do not believe everybody needs to go through the hassle of doing the actual writing. This is where I come in. I write memoirs, autobiography, fiction, and short stories. If you contract me to write your book, I charge a one-off payment and the manuscript belongs to you.

A few friends have told me that I am great at connecting people to what and who they need and after years of seeing this happen effortlessly on my part, I started a dating service called “Boobmum Dating Service.” Find more information about this on the DATING tab.




I released my first book a few weeks ago. It’s titled “Naked – A journey to self.” It is a memoir of my journey from sleepwalking to awakening. On the BOOK tab, you can read what people are saying about it.

  Lagos Nigeria