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NAKED is powerful narrative about awakening and self-awareness. The author uses personal experience with religion, shame, mental health, fear, romantic relationships and death to explore her journey from sleepwalking to awakening.

She calls it her journey to self because until 29 she was living in a haze, tumbling through life unaware of the lessons in her experiences. Our culture of shame stops people from leaning from personal experiences and enabling deeper connections that can changer their lives.

NAKED will challenge you to face your biggest fears and create a life you deserve

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 Nne! Thanks for being NAKED! You showed me a picture of what I would become if I expunge presentiment... You showed me what I would become if I go NAKED, unashamed... brace it, brave it, stave it and... You showed me that I have the Power to re-write my story, no matter how I told it before... no matter how people wrote it on my behalf. Yes, I still got my Pen to change the plot. And I Will!  

Thank you!

Reading your book , I could relate to almost everything written in there. I am proud of you for doing this.

The book differed from my expectations: I thought it would be a simplistic catalogue of your life events. But I found it to be a philosophical crystallisation of your ensembles, marinated in intellectual rigour.

"NAKED is an encounter. You get to confront our "truths", fears, doubts, beliefs. Are you ready for that? It wasn't a book to be rushed through. I took my time taking in every subject. I saw my self in some of the situations mentioned. Question is... What do you do about owning your life? The choice is mine..... Yours. A great read."




I released my first book a few weeks ago. It’s titled “Naked – A journey to self.” It is a memoir of my journey from sleepwalking to awakening. On the BOOK tab, you can read what people are saying about it.

  Lagos Nigeria