• 28 Jul 2017
  • by ese
  • Blog

As a being big on energy, sometimes I need to hide to refuel. Decided to leave social media for a few days to recharge my batteries. What I first noticed after I deleted Facebook, instagram and Whatsapp apps was a lightness. Like I removed some heavy object that was sitting in my consciousness. I don't know what that means but I know it felt god. As I had a shower, I thought I was washing all the heaviness I have been feeling off. My sleep was better and when I woke up about 1A.M, I was sharp enough to study.

After many years of being confused and playing small, I have come full circle. I am no longer hiding from anything or anyone. I know I am here to serve and to help humanity unite, one person at a time. I am here to embody the love that I am and by living show others it can be done. I am already realizing the difference in my attitude toward life. I am noticing the things that are showing up to help my awakening to my mission. I am also noticing the inner knowing. Somethings I know I didn't learn anywhere, it came from deep within me. Best of all, I am noticing how everything that happens in my life, serves. I am noticing that this physical plane is not all there is to the Universe, and my physical body is not all there is to me.

I feel like the journey has fully begun because I am now acting from a place of full awareness and I am no longer playing small.

Note to self - Let' do this!