NAKED Review by Mumpreneur.

  • 26 May 2017
  • by ese
  • Blog

I like calling her "mumprenuer" because the name has such a cool concept and I love it.

I have been a bit off with the change in weather and the last thing I felt like doing was write. Today Mofolusade sent me a review of my book and it reminded me that Naked is finding the people who need to read it. Below is what she wrote.

"So I just finished reading the book Naked and I heaved a big sigh. I can't find the exact words to explain how I feel right now. Excited maybe. I think excited because someone dared to express feelings that are unusual for a woman in our society. I feel a release too, that I am on the right path with my life and purpose. I could relate with so many parts of the book. I met the author only recently but the funny thing is I didn't realize I had connected with her from a distance years back when she blogged a life experience that got tongues wagging. I am convinced that our paths were meant to cross and I know we will create magic together. There were two aha moments while reading this book that almost made me leap off my seat and break out in a dance, only I didn't want people to think I was mad so I restrained myself. The first one was about money, page 50. "I didn't have the courage to 'want' money in exchange for my commercially viable abilities". I doubt anyone could have expressed this challenge that too many women have. We have this belief that the desire for money is bad, we want to change the world and help people but we are too afraid to think about money. I like the way she closes the chapter with these lines "I want money. I want lots of it. And I am deserving of it. This is my new truth about money" . I am adopting this mantra. The second one for me was the chapter about finding her purpose. This moved me on so many levels because it is something I have been thinking so much about. "We cannot empower women and ignore the fact that women share the earth with men and will have to exist alongside daily". I think I must have shouted hallelujah at this point. I have two sons and I am constantly seeking ways to expose them to the richness of life and living so they grow up into self confident, fine gentlemen. Not my own version of it, but their own best authentic version. So help me God. I have not read many self help books, mainly because I have picked up a few only to get bored halfway by someone trying to give a lecture. I am one to get bored easily. I know Ese might not have thought of this as a self help book, but I must say that this is one of the best self help books I have ever read. From page one to the very end, I was fully present, I read every line and thought about the lines. Her writing style is easy to follow and she shares her experiences in such a way that you feel them too and can see how a young woman went from not knowing why she was to knowing in 167 pages. I would recommend this book, but I must warn you, if you do not have an open mind, you will not be able to process the core truths that lie within."

I plan to do a book reading and signing in Lagos and Abuja. The date for Lagos is June 11th and that of Abuja is yet to be determined. Other States might follow depending on demand. I am happy about this development. I am happy for all that is. I am happy.