Mummying 101 - Back to Basics

  • 27 Sep 2017
  • by ese
  • Blog

The Nanny left suddenly. A few days before then, I was thinking about how much her being here made things easier for me with the babies but it was also tiring saying the same shit over and over again. After she left, I found new strength. I remembered I like the bathroom washed a certan way. I changed the direction of the beds in the room, had a full spring cleaning with both babies right there to entertain. By day 2 of her leaving, she wanted to comeback. Sigh. Her absence made everything feel a little more spacious. It also reminded me why I didn't want a live-in nanny in the first place. 

This morning, we are sitting on my mat as I type this. The house is quiet, and there is no extra energy that I am trying to "cater" to. 

Sometimes, we don't know how much we manage or what we are capable of until situations draw them out.

All of this reminds me why I am a Boobmum in the first place. Onward!