• 22 May 2017
  • by ese
  • Blog

Today I write my first post for mumpreneur blog. It is also the first day of Mothering The Mother meeting. I am sitting in my living room imagining the magic we are about to ignite here today. 

The last few days have been interesting. From losing my cockroach phobia to meeting Mumpreneur, Mofolosade, and even watching 'Collataral beauty' staring one of my favourite people in the world, Will Smith. It was particularly a happy weekend as my youngest brother, Happy (yes, that's his name), got married in Abuja. He posted a video of himself dancing that morning in his hotel room. He looked happy, I could feel it. When I saw the video through B's instagram, I had to download the IG app and sign on to keep replaying the video. I love it.

I have not been able to read my book since I gave the final draft to my publisher. I thought that holding the book in my hand will make me want to read it but the opposite is the case. I read reviews about the book and I think, "I said that?" lol. I should read the entire book soon. I will share what I find.

I want to get Boobman ready for and of to school so I can prepare for my guests. I will be back tonight...