Immunization, Sick Babies and Alternative Medicine.

  • 09 Oct 2017
  • by ese
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It's exactly 9:14 A.M and I have not slept since about 11 P.M last night. I didn't even notice as clock time flew by. I stayed up chatting about babies, hospitals, immunization and alternative medicine.

I was meant to give Boobgirl a doze of antibiotics at about 12 A.M. As I wondered why she keeps throwing it up, I thought about alternative medication, hospitals and babies. I watched a video I made of a male nurse rough handling my toddler all in the name of trying to collect blood sample. I am tired of complaining about the same thing in these medical establishments. It's hard enough they collect ridiculous sums to treat people, they also have to go and be assholes in how they handle little children. I will be back there to complain with my video evidence. Even if the complaint may not get the results I hope for, I will complain non the less.

After deciding to complain, I started thinkning about an alternative. I remembered having a conversation with my friend who is a practitioner of alternative medicine. She shared how watching her son being maltreated in hospitals motivated her to seek an alternative. Even though I didn't think about this at the time, I wondered if that information was for me as well. What if I ventured here to see what it held? Afterall, alternative medicine was the main source of treatment until we learned modern medicine. I also know there are those who still rely on alternative medicine. I suspect I am well on my way down that path.

If the body has the natural ability to heal itself, then there should be less people in hospitals. I believe fear is the number one reason the number of people in hospitals seem to increase by the day. I know that since I started playing with the concept of fear and seeing life as it is, I haven't been sick. The last time I felt I was falling sick, I used strong will to speak myself back to health. I knew that as the primary caregiver of two small children, sickness was something I couldn't afford. And so it is. Sickness is a thing of the past in my life. But my littles. How do I create this reality for them? Or maybe hold space while they grow to create this reality for themselves.

As I pondered this, the idea of immunization dropped in my head. In an attempt to understand immunization, I googled and found this, 

"When you get sick, your body makes antibodies to fight the disease to help you get better. These antibodies stay in your body even after the disease is gone, and protect you from getting the same illness again. This is called immunity. However, you don’t have to get sick to develop immunity. You can gain immunity against disease through immunization. Immunization (or vaccination) protects people from disease by introducing a vaccine into the body that triggers an immune response, just as though you had been exposed to a disease naturally. The vaccine contains the same antigens or parts of antigens that cause the disease, but the antigens in vaccines are either killed or greatly weakened. Vaccines work because they trick your body into thinking it is being attacked by the actual disease."

This triggered thoughts of what if they are wrong? I know that when it comes to the human being, one shoe doesn't fit all. What if this idea of immunizing by introducing the antigens that cause the disease is wrong for most people? That is, what if it causes soemthing else? I imagine that a body comes into the planet and should naturally adjust to its environment. What if by introducing something the body doesn't know, this thing goes and creates some discomfort, or dis-ease in the body? What if this dis-ease becomes what the same hospitals that introduced those antigens go on trying to fix ( or maybe they are not really fixing anything but just giivng enough to slow the dis-ease, only to have you come back again and again and again. To what end you ask? Money. More money.

The hospital I attend recently started charging a consultation fee when they realized they were falling behind financially. Out of the blue, boom! They are charging people who are registered with the hospital to pay a sum before even speaking to a doctor. The money part stood out when this new part was introduced and how you will not be directed to speak to a doctor unless you made the payment. I asked myself why I stay in this hospital and the only real reason I can find is, familiarity. Something in me will rather stay within the comfort zone than try something differnet but all that ends today.

Over the next few weeks and months, I will be learning and training in alternative medicine. It suddenly started interesting me as I chatted to my friend about it and the few things I read about it online. It interested me so much I lost sleep. As I stayed there enjoying some new realizations, it grew bright outside. I looked at the clock time on my phone and it was almsot 7 A.M. This triggered thoughts about what it means to rest and sleep. I am generally in a restful mode most of my day, so I guess whether I sleep at night or not is immaterial for the most part. I have no judgment or story behind why I didn't sleep since 11 P.M until now, so I am functioning as I normally would. I am doubtful I will enagge any cardio workout this morning though. I will yoga and spend time enjoying the silence and taking deep breathes.

As I proceed in my new learnings, I shall share and experiment with my findings.

Interesting times ahead.

Good morning.